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workin! - The life of Wagster
A tale of a city boy in the country.

-when people ask me what i'm up to these days, I often tell them I'm workin! which is not to say that I am not enjoying myself. on the contrary, I get to build these timber frames.  despite many of the difficulties and struggles involved in the business of building, it still beats a sharp stick in the eye,

-a frame went up without incident in Essex, MA this last week.  I should have some pictures soon of that raising.  The barn will actually have tractors and hay in it, which is a nice feeling.  It was in a nice spot on the tidal marsh.  It was the first frame that I 'climbed' during the raising.  We had the good fortune of staying right on the water at the Cape Ann Marina Resort for three nights and sampling the local cuisine of nearby Gloucester. 

-as nice as northeastern Mass was, it was an exceptional feeling to be back in Maine again for a long weekend of balancing getting it done and relaxing.  This coming week will be a long one beginning with four days in the shop and then two days of raising a side project.  I am looking forward to it.

-the week after, the rest of the boys are going down to Maryland to raise a douglas fir scissor truss frame which is to cover a small swimming pool.  I get/have to stay back and hold down the fort.  As soon as the frame we are working on now is done we'll be heading to Ellington, Connecticut for three or four days to raise a four bent, two story barn/home.  And if they finally get their site done up on Swan's Island, we'll head up there if its not too cold by then and raise that frame.  The logistics of getting a frame (and us) out there are a headache due to the island's lack of a bridge. 

-fall is in full swing here and we are hoping to get away to the Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park area in two weeks.  After that we have few plans in the works except to play it by ear.

---for now, that's the way it looks from here---

Current Location: the country estate
Current Mood: industrious
Current Music: Josh Groban

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