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Fall Cleaning and Truck! - The life of Wagster
A tale of a city boy in the country.
Fall Cleaning and Truck!

-We're in the middle of a fall cleaning, trying to get things in order inside and out a little bit before the snow flies. I got the grass cut real short and cleaned off the deck this afternoon. KT has been reorganizing the house little bit, finally getting around to unpacking some things that have lain dormant since our move.

-Late this last week we loaded 48' flatbed truck with a Hemlock frame along with about 6000 board feet of tongue and groove and shiplap boarding. That comes out to about 8' wide, 6' high and 49' long. It took about 6 hours to load it. It will take 1 hour to unload it with a crane.

-Tomorrow morning the crew and I are driving to Essex, Massachusetts where we are going to raise a 4-bent, story-and-a-half barn. We are hopeful that this raising will go more smoothly than the last two. I've been up in that area of Mass once before when KT and I and her aunt drove up to Gloucester (Glah-stah) just to check it out. We'll be there until Thursday or Friday.

-I BOUGHT A TRUCK ON FRIDAY! It is a 2005 Chevy K1500 Silverado with a 4.8l V8, 4sp automatic, 4 wheel drive, Regular cab, long box. It has 43000 miles on it and drives like new. I just sort of fell in love with it when I drove it (after having driven 8 other trucks), and it is just the right time to have another reliable vehicle. It seems that credit is only tightening up for people who probably shouldn't get credit anyway, because I've got great credit and had no trouble getting a good rate on the financing right away. KT's job is taking her all over the place these days, so it just wasn't feasible to go with one car right now. I still plan to drive the motorcycle to work for as long as I can, but it is getting cold fast. There was lots of frost on the ground this morning at 6:30 and it was 31 degrees. This truck will allow me some flexibility as far as commuting especially in heavy weather and also more opportunities for side-jobs.

-KT really really likes her new job!


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