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sometimes - The life of Wagster
A tale of a city boy in the country.

-Somgtimes you're working, minding your own business, and in walks Steve Thomas (This Old House, Renovation Nation) and says hello and that he's going to see ol' Johnnie-boy (my boss).

-this morning Andy and I went in to work, looked and the weather and turned around and left. too wet to load a frame on a truck, tarp it and leave it for three days under the sun. that sounds like a recipe for blue-stained wood.

-this afternoon I crossed the threshold and decided to scrap the volvotron. I removed the new brake parts I had installed, as well as the radio, speakers, windows and battery. Those things might be useful later.

-I looked at trucks today at the Chevy dealership in Waldoboro. I drove three trucks: a 99 GMC 1500 reg cab 4x4 100k miles ($7500), a 2001 chevy 1500 ext cab short box 4x4 100k miles ($9900), and a 2005 Chevy 2500 ext cab long box 72K miles ($14000). The first two missed the mark completely. I couldn't stomach spending that much on trucks I didn't like. The last one was great, big, powerful, lower miles, no rust starting, ready for a plow. the draw backs are, obviously, price and fuel economy. I had convinced myself I needed the long bed for transporting materials, but, is it really necessary? Wouldn't I rather have the ext cab? It seems like its really hard to find reg cab long bed used trucks around here. I'd sure like to tell myself that we can get by with one car, but the reality is that in maine, each adult needs their own vehicle. And if I'm going to have my own vehicle, it might as well be a useful one ( ex. 2005 3/4 ton truck with ext cab, long bed, plow, hitch, mowing deck, pto, and an espresso maker ). But I digress.

-My forehead bears a nice shiner from whacking my head right into something today while stripping the volvo. Maybe next time I'll look where I'm going !!!


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