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laborious - The life of Wagster
A tale of a city boy in the country.

-hopefullly your labors have been rewarded with a relaxing and good weathered-labor day.  my heart and prayers go out to those on the gulf coast who are now weathering the storm.

-the volvotron is home after a small and frustrating adventure.  i got it started in the parking lot at work and got it about halfway home before it died again, not to be restarted.  I called AAA only to find that my membership had expired and I had to buy a whole new membership in the Northern New England Club.  They have a rule about not letting 'new' members buy the AAA plus coverage until their second year.  Fortunately the car was about 5 miles away, so I didn't have to pay extra.  In any case, unless I can do a cheap reliable fix, i'm going to junk it.  I think the problem is an ignition problem.  maybe it needs a new coil.  doesn't matter.  we can do a single-car life for a while because KT's job starts later than mine and ends earlier.  I may also start car pooling with a co-worker.

-we have had about 6 days of perfect weather.  today we're going to Damariscotta Lake State park to sit on the sand, read and maybe even take a dip.  the last time we were on the lake it was like bathtub water. 

-last nite the stars were so brite you could see the 'milky way' strip across the sky

-tomorrow morning i leave for Deere Is for what I hope will be a smooth raising. 

-get up from your computer right now and enjoy the outside.  it will be winter soon.


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