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Raising! - The life of Wagster
A tale of a city boy in the country.

-A few pictures from the recent raising in Essex, Massachusetts:

The finished product, sapling and all.

Fitting the cupola, which was 7'x7' and about 8' tall.  My left
hand is signaling 'cable down' to the crane and my right
hand is guiding the cupola post tenon into its mortise in a
purlin.  My feet are about 24 feet off the deck.  I am
harnessed to the cupola support purlin.  You can't see him
but my coworker Andy is on the other side doing the same

A good shot to show the scale.  That's me just down and to
the left of the cupola.  The crane had a 92 foot boom. 

This one shoes the height of the first story.  Its about 13 feet
to the bottom of the girt from the floor.

Notice the long beam sticking out of the gable end.
This is a 'loft beam' or lifting beam for hoisting
stuff into the hay loft, in this case it will actually lift

The crew, and the only picture I have of my truck. 

-Sorry the pics are so small, I don't know how to upload bigger ones and I'm not interested in figuring it out. 

-Over the weekend Andy, Josh and I raised a 24x32 (with two ells, both about 13x13) hemlock frame down in New Harbor.  it took about a day and half.  We had the good fortune of having good weather and our favorite crane driver, J.R. Williams, behind the levers. 

-We had KT's dad and brother Shane come visit for the weekend.  They came to see the raising and were pretty excited about what they saw.  We went out for fish ( for us) and lobster ( for them ) at Shaw's Lobster Wharf, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon walking on the rocks at Pemaquid Point.  They decided to stay an extra night when I announced that I was going to light a campfire in the back yard and cook hobo dinners. 

-This week the crew is down in Maryland raising that scissor-truss pool enclosure.  I'm left behind to scrounge up work at the shop.  I've been given the task of cutting down a few acres ( hyperbole ) of brush in front of the shop so we can have more visibility from the road.  I started out with a chain saw, but moved on to an Echo brush cutter.  In my humble opinion the best modification you can make to a brush cutter is to throw out the blade they give you and fit an 8 1/4 " carbide-toothed circular saw blade to the head of the machine (and be really careful with it).  It cuts so nicely and quickly that you only need to start the chain saw for brush and small trees over 3-4".  Even with the right tool, I am plum-tuckered-out.  More of the same tomorrow.

-The fall weather is growing slowly colder.  We've had frost the last several days.  Tomorrow the high temperature is 43 degrees.  The trees are either at peak color or just past.  It is still quite a pleasure just to drive around and see the colors. 


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