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glad its over - The life of Wagster
A tale of a city boy in the country.
glad its over

-there are somethings in life that aren't your fault, but you'll have to endure them anyway.  when asked about those experiences, its usually best to respond by saying that you're just glad its over.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, Star Wars: Episode 3, the 2008 presidential election etc.  all fall into this category.

-my most recent experience in that category was last week's raising.  Richard Nixon's admission that "mistakes were made" is about the best way to describe the situation without using various creative combinations of four-letter curses uttered only when one feels one's life may be in danger.  Lots of mistakes were made, both beforehand and on-site.  The week was positively hellish.  Maybe the phrase, educational experience is the right one.  As the "new guy" who knows very little and is able to do even less, I came away learning a great deal while feeling responsible for only one minor mistake which took place months ago in the shop.  I chamfered both sides of an exterior brace.  A cardinal sin.  I am very glad its over and glad to be back in the shop working on a scissor truss frame for a customer in Maryland.

-KT got a job offer from the University of Maine for a parent educator position.  She is going to take it.  She is excited.  Woot!

-We are just at the very beginning of starting to begin to commence looking for a house (or build one!!).  There is slightly handsome farmhouse for sale in Jefferson about 15 minutes from here that I kind of like, but it may be more trouble than its worth.  They're asking $125,000 for a 4 br house with 2.5 baths, attached 2 car garage, attached barn sitting on 2.8 acres in a beautiful spot.  Sounds too good to be true.  Maybe it is. 

-This week's Quaker meeting was particularly powerful for me with people speaking messages with a common theme of God granting us the strength to maintain faith, hope and love even in personal and general times of struggle and uncertainty.

-At 6:15 am and  51 degrees F this morning's motorcycle ride to work was absolutely freezing.


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